New year, new things

Happy much-belated New Year and not really belated Lunar New Year!

2016 already feels like Year of the Changes for me. The first week of January, we packed up and moved down to Maryland for my husband’s new job. I’ve been keeping busy since then with unpacking and getting things straightened away. I’ve got a whole room to myself for a studio, which is fabulous. I’m still putting up shelves and doing a lot of reorganizing, but it feels great to have a functional workspace again!

I’ll be heading north to PA to put in some time in the greenhouse, as I’m still mostly in charge of the herb department, but the majority of my time this year will be spent focusing on my artwork. I’m going to be knuckling down and really investing myself in making my clay flowers, but I’m also going to do as much painting as I possibly can.

I’m doing some major restructuring of my online presence– my original Facebook page is now only for my flower-making, and I have a new Facebook page for my Spriggan artwork. I’ve also created a new website just for my Spriggans (which is still under construction). This site will stay the same, a general blog and portfolio and place to share news about everything I’m making & doing, whereas the others will be much more specific.

To kick things off, I’ll be having a giveaway for a Spriggan pin of the winner’s choice, which starts today and runs through next Monday. Details to follow!

Me, the artist:


Clay flowers:


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