Laying low


This has been an interesting and educational season in my life.

I don’t just mean the greenhouse season, although that has wound down very abruptly and I’m only working about ten hours a week right now. I mean this past year, or part of a year, as my husband has put in countless hours of job hunting and hard work and worrying about his career; as we’ve worried together about where we’ll be going next and when, and we’ve put parts of our life on hold because we feel like we can’t make long-term plans or even commit to going to a wedding two months away; as we moved out of our apartment and into my dad’s house, surrounded by cats and boxes but with most of our things in storage up in Dad’s barn, and I still can’t find my shoes, and we’re always in each other’s way…

I put my Etsy shops on hold and stopped promoting myself as the greenhouse got busy, and this is usually about when I’d be opening them back up again. But my artwork’s all packed up, and I don’t have room to make flowers, so I opened shops on Redbubble and Society6 instead. I don’t have any craft shows lined up because I don’t know where I’ll be. Sometimes it’s hard and I feel like I’m doing something wrong, because I’m usually trying to force myself back into art mode for the winter, while I can, before the greenhouse starts up again.

And in some ways it’s really, really nice. I’m spending a lot of time on Tumblr, because I find it easier to share little or imperfect things there than I do here. Last year I was also facing a huge work load with the TotMW game project and gave up a lot of my own projects, so I’m excited to have time for my own ideas again. Mostly they’re small ideas for now. I’m trying to have fun, and enjoy this little bit of down time. Jarod got a job offer this past week, but is waiting to decide til after an interview in early November that he’d already committed to. I’m trying to enjoy myself, because I know that when he decides, it’s all going to change very quickly! I’m also turning into a Zillow junkie. 6_6

I’m finally doing InkTober, too. Poorly; I’m super far behind because I’m trying to not stress about it, like if I’m sitting there death-gripping my pen, thinking, “I’M HAVING FUN, DAMMITTTT,” I just put everything away instead. So yeah, my InkTober updates are sporadic but I’m not bullying myself about it. :) Check out my personal Tumblr, which is just my art, and my second one where I reblog other people’s amazing stuff.



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