TotMW: Establishing the style

A big step for me in the early stages of designing the Tales of the Mountain Witch game has been establishing what the visual style will be, and what materials will work best and consistently for the duration of the project.

Reed was looking for something like a cross between Japanese woodblock prints and Golden Age illustration. These are major influences for me, so that was exciting! On the downside, I’m spending big chunks of time bingeing on visual research…


He also wanted the art to use or resemble natural media, like textured paper and watercolor. Watercolor is my preferred media; I can do editing and correcting in Photoshop, but have never done any major digital painting. At this point, it seems impractical to learn those skills specifically for this project, so watercolor it is!

Next time: Two-part entry on testing and choosing materials for the TotMW illustrations



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