I can tell you now!


“Let the floodgates open, and let slip the dogs of war! (the dogs can swim)” –The title of an email I received tonight and have been eagerly awaiting!

Okay, so, where do I even start?

Many years ago, in a factory on the moon, a baby was born.

Wait no. Okay. Fast forward a little.

Seven years ago I met this cool guy named Reed. My husband was his RA and introduced him to the rest of our group of friends, and the rest is pretty much history. When Jarod and I got married, Reed was my bridesdude.

In addition to being an all-around awesome friend, he is also exceptionally talented and creative. Several months ago he brought me on as an artist for a project he is working on.

“Tales of the Mountain Witch” is a digital gamebook in which you follow the life of a girl named Nirvora who discovers she possesses magical powers. In the tradition of print gamebooks such as the Choose Your Own Adventure and Lone Wolf series, it is your choices which drive the story forward: Will Nirvora stay in the small mountain community of her birth, or disobey her parents to set off in search of adventure? Will she enroll in the mages’ academy to hone her magical abilities, or be sucked into the deadly political machinations of the Granite Kingdom? Only you can decide.

The game will feature a branching storyline with over 400 pages of text and 30 distinct ending (conservative estimate), as well as a custom soundtrack and hand-painted illustrations.

Basically, this thing is amazing and epic. Reed is doing an incredible job of building a believable, complex, and compelling world. I’m so proud and excited (and occasionally overwhelmed!) to be a part of it. Right now the team is comprised of Reed (creative genius, writer, and programmer), me (lead artist, with many watercolors in my future), André (creatures/concept art), and Adam (music).

Expect all sorts of snippets here now that I can officially share, and feel free to check us out on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. Reed has us all doing regular blog posts every week, so every few days there should be something new to see.

[As a sidebar, I now have a Tumblr, which I even bother to mess with sometimes. :) Mostly it’s reblogging, I’ll probably keep most of my personal content here.]


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