Older artwork

I finally got around to making a gallery of my older/non-Spriggan work. It’s viewable now via the front page of my site or here. Fellow artists, how do you handle your older artwork? Do you prefer to keep only your most current work up, or do you like to share the evolution of your work? I personally like to see the evolution… when it’s not mine. It’s so easy to look at my past work and just see the flaws, and then feel self-conscious.

I made a few bottled Spriggans as Christmas presents. Forgot to take pictures of one! But here’s the other:




2 thoughts on “Older artwork

  1. From talking to lots of my artist friends, I know that your stance is common. Personally, I love looking at my older works. Of course there are those ones that make me cringe a little, but almost always I appreciate what I accomplished and enjoy looking at them. That being said, I am both an extremely optimistic person and an extremely nostalgic person–I see the best in everything and I enjoy looking back at different times in my life.

    1. Thanks for the input, Kendra! I guess when you put it like that, I like most of my older work too– it’s sharing it that’s a different story! I especially love looking through my old sketchbooks. The drawings there always seem really honest; I can see all the marks and erasures and remember some of what it felt like to work through the problems of poses and lighting.

      Even now I often feel disconnected to my finished work because when it’s more clean and precise, the process fades away. I cope by taking lots of in-progress photos. :)

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