Last chance on jewelry, and upcoming shows!

I’m setting up on Tuesday afternoon for the Stocking Stuffer show (!), at which point I’ll be taking the remaining jewelry items out of my Etsy shop. If there’s something you like, grab it fast! As an added incentive, I’m swapping out the 20% jewelry coupon for a 25%. Woohoo! Cyber whatsits! Use code “CYBER25” for 25% off your jewelry purchase, good until Tuesday.

Tuesday: Stocking Stuffer set-up; show is Friday & Saturday at the Centre Furnace Mansion. I’m on the first floor.

Friday: Winter Craft Market set-up; show is Saturday & Sunday at Mount Nittany Middle School. I’m in booth C13 (no clue where that is, but in past years I’ve been in the gym). Also, I just checked and two of my application photos are featured on their website, so that’s exciting!

(I had a mocha this morning, pretty much everything is exciting right now.)


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