Studio tour


I am thankful for… a functional workspace! (Among many other things.)

On one side of the room is my husband’s desk, and my work area: melamine countertop on top of two filing cabinets for prints, different kinds of printer paper, and print packaging; wall unit (which used to be in our bathroom over the toilet, but the ‘legs’ didn’t survive the move to the new place) for spray cans, glue, tape, jewelry tools, and paintbrushes; shelves for books, small tools, and flower-making supplies; and wall organizer with little pull out drawers for small flowers. I have a clip-on lamp with a daylight bulb centered over the space, a dry-erase calendar, and various mugs of pencils and brushes.








Favorite points: All the turquoise and aqua. The Pikachu I won at the local fair, probably fourteen years ago. Original Stasia Burrington watercolor painting of a girl cuddling her cat, behind the pink stuffed bunny (made back when I was still sewing). The wide windowsill, where I’m keeping my collection of random houseplants and rocks. My nodding/solar San-X maneki neko.





On the opposite wall is my computer desk; flat file with large-format printer on left side, shelves above, filing cabinet with laser printer on the right.



Favorite points: Books. Stuffed animals. My Little Ponies! Mini filing cabs under the scanner and laser printer~ I store greeting and postcards in the double-wide, and small cello bags and other card packaging in the single. New Zealand tea towel map, which has hung everywhere I’ve lived since Wellington.

The rest of the room’s a mess. :) Getting ready for two more shows next week (eep!), so I’ve got boxes and extra supplies with little paths carved through to my desks. It looks like a crazy psycho hoarder den. Getting there though! Every box of supplies I find a home for leaves me with a warm squishy feeling of accomplishment in my heart.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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