First custom order complete!

Whew. It was with a sigh of relief that I sent this order…. ;)


This was my very first custom order! Julie was wonderful to work with. She is celebrating a vow renewal and asked for a bouquet for herself, with a smaller one to match for her daughter. She asked for aqua roses, white gardenia, and white stephanotis with rhinestones.

She provided me with a photo to work from, but we ended up drastically changing the arrangement of flowers in hers. I like the final result much more, but it really highlighted the importance of good communication: when I looked at the reference photo, which showed a bouquet at an angle, it looked much different to me than it did to Julie. (The flowers were arranged very symmetrically in the original, and we instead opted for a more natural look.) The way it finally turned out was more how I would have done it, if not for that photo, so it taught me that I should trust my instincts more and voice those opinions.

top 01 side 01 side 02


I wrapped the stems in ribbon, then tulle. Wrapping the stems was honestly the hardest part!! I went through a lot of ribbon because I was unhappy with the first five or so attempts. The tulle was a last resort because the second layer of ribbon wasn’t turning out, but I was so happy with it. It helped me tie in the right colors but softened them out, and they’re much nicer to hold now, too.

stems 01


Added sepals and small leaves to the undersides of the flowers.

stems 02


All in all, it was a great project to work on, and I’m so happy Julie chose me to make these for her! I’m now in the process of making three more bouquets as samples for the Winter Craft Market (only two weeks away!!).


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