Busy summer

I’m about ready for a vacation. :)

It’s been a busy few months. I’m still at the greenhouse most days; my husband defended his PhD thesis in May, immediately started a post-doc, and officially graduated this weekend; we moved across town to a new apartment two weeks ago; we’re looking at getting a new car to replace our rust bucket van; my dad and I have taken a few outings to visit other greenhouses; and my mother and her husband sold her house and moved to Santa Fe this week. Jarod and I are so completely exhausted and I never want to see a box or move ever again (but this post-doc should only last a year, so…).

We really love our new place. Partly for the little things, like how we now have neighbors that will smile and talk to us, instead of avoiding eye contact or quickly ducking back into their apartment so they don’t have to be friendly for .5 seconds. Partly for little luxuries like having an extra half bath, deep windowsills to put plants on, and a walk-in closet. But for me, the biggest things are the second bedroom that is now our office/studio, and being allowed that third cat who’s been living in my studio at my dad’s for the last year.

She's a beautiful savage.
She’s a beautiful savage.

It wasn’t until I decided to paint my dad a little something for his birthday that I realized how long I’ve gone without drawing. So this was fun! Loki helped.

I did manage to scrape together a few new projects for a craft show application and am happy to say I got accepted. This will be my fifth time setting up at the Winter Craft Market, but this year I’m mixing it up and will be displaying my clay flowers!

Wintery holiday arrangement.
Wintery holiday arrangement.

I will also have my Spriggan paintings/prints, but as an adjunct (meaning I can’t display as many compared to the flowers). I really need to get cracking and make a lot of flowers! Once my work space stops looking like this:

messy new studio
I need studio faeries that will magically unpack all these things and put up shelves for me.

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