More Forest Spirits, and getting back to doing what I like

mushroom gatherer painting 1

Just some in-progress shots of some little paintings. With grad school applications looming, I’m trying to analyze my artistic choices as a means of NOT crippling my creativity. I’m trying to be more deliberate in my color choices (oh goodness, long post for that topic) and materials, draw things that make me happy, and worry less about how my personal style might get compared to others’.

And you know what? I like pencil drawing. And ballpoint pens.

thistle mum ip1 thistle mum ip2 thistle mum

mushroom gatherer ip1 mushroom gatherer ip2 mushroom gatherer ip3 mushroom gatherer ip4 mushroom gatherer


2 thoughts on “More Forest Spirits, and getting back to doing what I like

  1. I love these new forest sprites Leigh Ann! Especially seeing the progression and application of color. Never underestimate your God given talent. We all go through periods do doubt. I find the work I’m most pleased with are the ones when I ask Him to guide my hand and work through me. I can totally see these little creatures becoming characters in children’s books. By the way, safe journey :)

    1. Thank you so much Trudy! I love having the progress photos, it makes it much easier to keep track of how the colors react with one another and what order things happened in.

      Letting go of the doubt and trusting God feels like such a challenge sometimes, but is so rewarding.

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