New work, and thoughts on kittens

forest spirits wood plaque


Forest spirits, drawn & painted on wood. The whole plaque measures 4 inches across, and the painted area is only 3 inches. I got super excited because the new Daniel Smith art supply catalog listed their watercolor ground in a transparent formula; I got some, and this was the experiment. I put two thin coats of ground on and unfortunately it started to go a bit filmy, so I lost the detail of the woodgrain but did at least keep the color. I’m trying to sketch more and prep for some new paintings, including more of these little creatures.

Feeling subdued more than anything right now; my kittens are beautiful, happy, and healthy, and three of them left today for their new home. I’m glad they get to stay together, but so sad that my favorite was one of them. He’s a sweet boy, and I will miss him.

Still looking for homes for three, the lovely ladies Coco, Callie, and Mia.



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