The Kitten Project

I’m pleased to say that in both of my Etsy shops, there’s a brand new section titled ‘THE KITTEN PROJECT’. All the proceeds from work sold from that category will go towards the costs of fostering our new little cat family, and hopefully to several local shelters & spay/neuter programs as well! I’m going to be creating some original artwork and jewelry for this purpose over the next several weeks and will probably ‘donate’ some existing work to the cause as well.

Mama Cat went to the vet yesterday. It was a harrowing journey marked by constant yowling, flailing, and even defecation. BUT she has been proclaimed healthy! FeLV & FIV negative, which was my biggest concern, and dewormed. We’re both recuperating from the ordeal.

2013-07-19_18-26-12_991 DSCN1186 2013-07-19_18-59-17_763 DSCN1193 2013-07-19_18-59-28_127 2013-07-19_18-45-18_689

"What the hell's going on??!!"
“What the hell is going on??!!”

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