Last week, things finally started to settle down for me: Got my hours at the greenhouse cut back, started working on more artwork, reopened the Etsy shop, took more work to Contempo. Yeah! Finally, a chance to be productive!

At work on Friday I found a cat. A very lost, very sweet, very, very pregnant cat. Yesterday she had kittens in my studio. (At least it’s getting used for something!)

She’s a great mum, and the kittens — all seven of them– are beautiful and seem healthy. It’s been an emotional roller coaster; the first thing I did was call the local shelter to see if she’d been reported missing and if they could take her. They’re full, mostly because the students at the nearby university have been heading home for the summer and abandoning their pets en masse. There are no words for how desperately sad this makes me feel.

I’m going to be caring for the little family and trying to find them all homes in the next few months, but I feel like I need to do more. I’d really like to formulate a body of work to sell where the proceeds would go to our local shelters and spay/neuter programs. Now that I finally have some non-greenhouse days I think I could actually make it work. :)

But enough about that. You’re just here to see pictures of tiny kitties!!





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