Where have I been?


In short, I haven’t been terribly artistic lately, hence the sparseness (or rather, complete lack) of updates. I unexpectedly got today off because it rained, and while I spent most of the day editing photos for my herb blog, I did start a small painting. I love watercolor but struggle with paper because I use so much water that, no matter what weight of paper I use or how I stretch it, I warp the bejeezus out of it. I got some hardboard panel and Daniel Smith watercolor ground to try. So far, it’s interesting but not preferable. I suppose I should learn to use less water…

In other news, I didn’t get into grad school. I was really flattered to be considered a finalist for the Illustration program at Syracuse University, though! It’s a little demoralizing to think about applying all over again, but will probably be easier now– I know what I need to improve on, and I have more time to prepare. Jarod is not going to finish his PhD this summer anyway, so we’re spared the anxiety of living in different places.

If the painting turns out not-horribly, I’ll share. :)


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