DSCN0091butterflies sketchDSCN0060DSCN0062DSCN0063DSCN0066DSCN0069butterflies

I think this is the most involved watercolor I’ve done! Working on it very methodically and planning ahead helped, but there was still a lot that was spontaneous. Still have to scan it– just set up my new scanner, as the old one tragically died last week. It was totally my fault, and it sucked! There was a streak on the underside of the glass that showed up on everything I scanned, so I took it apart to clean it. When I did, the ribbon connecting the light housing to the the main circuit board popped out of a poorly designed clip; I put it all back together without realizing this, and tried to scan. This is what I got before it started emitting horrible screeching noises because the ribbon was stuck:

RIP dear scanner

So that was that. On the bright side, it seems like scanner prices have gone down and quality has gone up, so I managed to upgrade and still spend less than on the old scanner. I’ll be trying out the new Epson this afternoon, and hopefully will have prints available soon!

I also just got a new camera, which has made taking Etsy photos tolerable– nay, enjoyable! You can see the results here in the junipurr shop. :)


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