Missing Hilo

Hello! We are back. We had an absolutely amazing time and thought Hilo was magical. People were just so NICE, you have no idea! It was really hard to come home. If you offered me a plane ticket back right now I’d take it and run.

As soon as I get all of our pictures off Jarod’s laptop I’ll share a few. Only took 1,269. :)


  • Did I mention how nice everyone was? I channeled Shirley from Community the whole time (“Oh, that’s nice. :D”)
  • The food. We ate so many beautiful and amazing things that I think eating out is now ruined for me.
  • The plants. There were so many beautiful flowers everywhere; we were on the rainy side of the island so it was super lush.
  • Snorkeling: my new favorite thing!
  • Walked across the Kilauea Iki crater and spent lots of time hiking around beautiful Volcanoes National Park.
  • Visited a seahorse farm and got to hold seahorses. It was super educational and, dude, we held seahorses!
  • Hilo Farmers Market, a mecca of beautiful fresh produce, flowers, and crafts (plus some touristy kitsch, but eh).

We’ve only been back a few days, but I’m already starting to feel stressed again about my upcoming shows and grad school application deadlines. I’m trying to create this peaceful place in my heart where I can think about how good I felt in Hawai’i and bring that back to my life here, but I’m realizing I don’t handle stress as well as I thought.

When you’re feeling really run down, what do you do? Do you have a special “happy place”?


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