Try new things

In addition to trying to get the silk screens up and running I’m trying to paint more.

Usually when I paint hair I draw darker lines on top, but I had this idea to try using masking fluid to make them lighter instead.


I’m also doing a couple of small pieces on cradled wood panel– acrylic is really not my favorite thing, but I wanted some really bold solid areas of color.


Err yes paintings… also this linoleum block.


The other day my dad offered me an X-acto set he picked up at a flea market. At first I said no, because I keep getting hobby knife sets as gifts and you can only use so many. He showed it to me anyway, and I had this fit of utter delight because in addition to all the funny angled blades I will probably never use, there were four gouges and they were just lovely.

They carve like butter. And, unlike the really chintzy Speedball set I got a few years ago, I can actually get the blades in and out of the handle, which really works wonders for my productivity. I haven’t cut a lino block since 2008, but I can see this changing now that I have usable tools. It was really soothing to sit and carve.



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