It’s been one of those weeks where things don’t seem to be going quite right, but I think I’m still making progress. I feel like one of my worst traits is that I never make enough progress to satisfy myself, which decreases my self-confidence. I need all my confidence!!

Jarod is sick, so between that, Ivy being lonely at 4 am, and a really horrendous screaming match from our next-door neighbors one night, I haven’t slept properly since Saturday. My ability to function while sleep-deprived seemed to drop off rather quickly after college, which does not bode well for grad school or for having children. I have been an angry zombie all week.

But I am determined to stay positive. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

  • Cleaning my print studio. I hadn’t pulled a print since last November, and the place was an absolute mess. I spent several days cleaning, putting things away, and just generally getting organized so I’d want to be in there doing work. It looks much better!




It seems especially good, considering this is what it looked a year ago:

  • Working on the website & new Etsy shop. On the Etsy side of things there’s a lot of copy/pasting between browsers & shops and retyping things to make them more concise and sensible.  Still tweaking the banner for the website.


  • Etsy Craft Party! Met some very nice ladies, made a felt strawberry and some greeting cards for Operation Write Home (such a lovely idea!).
  • Working on new business cards. For some reason, this is always a really painful process for me! Etsy and Moo are running a deal where you can get 100 free Minicards; I missed out last time, and one of the gals at the party had them– pretty attractive little things. But since I got married, I’ve both moved and changed my name, and everything I had is outdated. So I put together a set of Mini’s, and if they look good I may order business and postcards through them as well. I like that you can get multiple images for one flat rate! I usually order batches of 20 through, but Moo’s set-up process is easier.
  • Snake-spotting.



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