Back to business

Hello! Long time no see. A brief update:

The morning after the wedding we all had brunch at The Jet, the best/only diner in Alfred. I drew on a placemat, like I’d done for years. This time, I made the wall!!

-The wedding was fab! I got all my projects done, the biggest chunk of which was the clay flowers– my bouquet, two bridesmaids’ bouquets, the flower girl’s basket, nine corsages, and ten boutonnieres! It was an amazing day, and we were truly blessed to have so many wonderful people around us. Our photographer, Jana Scott, was the bee’s knees, and put up a preview with some of our photos here on her blog.

Wrist corsages for the ladies

-I got a letterpress! My dad gave it to me for a wedding present. (Price tag? He traded plants from the greenhouse!) It’s an amazing machine– a Sigwalt Ideal No. 3 tabletop press. It’s in great shape apart from some minor rust and needing new rollers. It also came with a great assortment of type. On top of all this, I’m fairly sure that it belonged to a close friend of my father’s who passed away several years ago, and that it ended up with a mutual friend of theirs, who was the one that traded it to my dad. There’s a number of custom-made plates bearing his name, as well as a proof sheet addressed to him, and an old Kelsey catalog with his name stamped onto it. Finding all that made the whole thing seemed positively magical.

Dusty, but beautiful…

-Still working on moving in with my husband. All of my key stuff is here now, including my computer & the Epson, my flat file, and various supplies for clay flowers and watercolor. Oh and my cats Ivy and Loki. :D

“THERE’SABIRD THERE’SABIRD THERE’SABIRD!!” (pigeon up on the balcony railing)

-Still super busy with the greenhouse, trying to cut down my hours so that I can focus more on artwork, especially as I’m going to have to start worrying about getting together a good portfolio to apply to grad school. We thought we’d be here a few more years, but Jarod should actually be graduating next summer with his Ph.D. (oooh) So it will be onwards and upwards!

-I really love making the clay flowers, and plan on selling some in a local shop as well as on Etsy. I’m also finally getting to work on my silkscreen designs and am designing scarves. With the anticipated diversity in my work, and the limitations within Etsy’s current shop system, I’ve opened up a second shop. I’ll be moving the prints over to the new shop, and leaving the clay flowers and anything wearable (ie scarves, jewelry) at Junipurr.

The decision was hard to make: Etsy admin promised over a year ago to implement an option to run multiple shops under one account and nothing ever came of it, so I had to open a new email account as well as a new Etsy account, and I run them in a different browser to avoid logging in and out. I got a sick feeling in my stomach when I realized that moving all the prints over would remove them from people’s Favorites and Treasuries, but overall I think the change will be a good one. I’ve been wanting a name that incorporated “— Press” to drive home the point that I’m a printmaker. ;) More on that soon.


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