Wedding stuff is making me fun and snarky. The latest, courtesy of my Facebook status:

“Wedding invite etiquette is a giant load of bollocks. I’m on a website that lists all the particulars of what to do and not to do, what’s polite and what will make everyone who had previously loved you scorn and revile you for your lack of social graces; at the very bottom of the page, they suggest inviting the president, pope, and/or queen so that if they happen to regretfully decline (or in the case of the pope, offer a blessing for your marriage) you have SOMETHING TO FRAME.

I can no longer take this seriously. I’m printing these from my computer, with my return address on the front (rather than the back flap, because I’ve no desire to feed them back through the printer a second time), and with abbreviated state names (because when I tried to do a find & replace in Word it made everything all-caps, and again, I just cannot be bothered). I may even start giving the children fun titles, like “The Adorable Lillian and Her Smiley Wee Brother Ben”. I have reached that point. If anyone is bothered by my terrible impoliteness, please. Go put a sock in it.”

The bright side of worrying about addressing the envelopes is that the invitations themselves are -finally!- all printed, cut, scored, and folded. They have merely to be sent, at which point my life will go back to normal.*


*This is a lie. I am going to be planting 5,000 herbs this week, still have tons of flowers to make, other miscellaneous tasks, and will eventually have programs to design & print. :D


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