To all the people who ever told me planning a wedding would be SO MUCH FUN

I will track you down and punch you in the face…

It’s not that bad. Well, some days. Some days it is really awful. Like when your vendors don’t return your calls or emails, even though you asked them two weeks ago to schedule a meeting in March or April, because after April 15th your boss will never let you leave work. But then other days I get my new order of Deco Clay and think, at least I will have lovely flowers!

I always want to do everything myself. I’m crafty and creative, so why not? But sometimes it becomes detrimental, because I just don’t have the time or energy or expertise. Which is why I bought my dress. :) And I do love my dress. My other big things were making bouquets that would last, and making my own invitations. The flowers are going really well, I’m getting quite quick at certain ones and it’s the most soothing thing I’m doing lately. (Anything that I don’t get done I’ll fill in from the greenhouse, but the fewer living things I have to worry about the better.) The invitations are becoming a nightmare, because I don’t like anything I’ve done. Our save the dates are pretty wicked, and it’s a hard act to follow (plus they’re to be more elegant and respectful).


My chocolate consumption is through the roof lately.


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