I saw the neatest idea recently, somewhere on the internet. Probably on Amazon in some art book (I love that “look inside” feature!). The person was working with acrylics, and had organized his different colors into separate cells on those week-long pill organizers. Brilliant! So I went out and bought a bunch of pill boxes.

It turns out I have a lot of paint. Somewhere under all the colorful boxes is a 4-times a day, 7-day organizer. It is full. I have 24 different shades of brown.

I made a little swatch card for each box so that I know what every color looks like. I’m really happy with how it turned out– Now I have something that is quite compact and portable (probably going to find a soft-sided zippered lunch box to tote them around in (oh god maybe I can find one with Hello Kitty on!)), and much cheaper than regular palette boxes.


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