Hey remember how I make jewelry?

Last week I focused on taking pictures so I can have things on Etsy again. You know. So I can maybe sell some.

I’ve had this love/hate relationship with photographing my jewelry pretty much since I started on Etsy. My biggest issue is that I was making a lot of one-of-a-kind pieces, and it can get really tedious to take bunches of photos of everything you make. And then edit and crop and lighten photos of everything you make. Being able to reproduce items and use the same photos is a life saver, which is why for a long time I’ve only had my prints on there.

One of my goals for this year is to not let myself get into that backlog where I have a lot of work made which is basically unsaleable because it’s not photographed. So I tromped out to Joann’s and picked out some pretty fabric to match my packaging and display, and took a few hundred pictures.

I ended up doing it in my print studio. Home is too distracting, and has cat hair. I couldn’t really capitalize on the natural lighting as there was too much glare and the earrings are super shiny, but I’m assuming that’s why Photoshop has a Levels adjustment feature– for this situation exactly.

It’s kind of slow going– I got two pairs of earrings edited & listed tonight, as well as (finally!) my Gocco cards. I have a lot more to edit, and then way more to take pictures of, but it feels much more doable now that they’re turning out the way I want!

If you’d like to see what’s new you can visit my shop here.


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