A Girl and Her Panther

In progress! Have some ideas for color but need to do thumbnails first. One of my [many…] goals for the new year is to paint more.

I’ve never come up with a list of resolutions for the new year. Mostly ‘resolution’ just makes me think ‘dpi’. But it seems like I have a lot of new things I want to try out, or things I miss doing that I want to get back into. I want to do more painting and silkscreening. I want to try engraving and maybe even some mezzotint techniques. I want to do more work that sets a scene or creates a narrative, more like illustration.  On top of all that I want to get more organized– after Jarod and I get married I’ll be moving in with him, my mother will be selling the house and moving to California where her new husband is, and my printmaking studio can only hold so much. I need to figure out what things are living in which space and where it makes the most sense to work with them. AND THEN I have all the stuff I’m trying to get done for the wedding. O_o

Got any big exciting plans or resolutions or goals for the new year?


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