test print

A few weeks ago before everything went crazy getting ready for shows, I finished preliminary work on a new copper plate. I’m still figuring out how I want to proceed: if I want to add pattern and tone with soft ground and etch the plate further, or if I should let the linework alone and paint in the details with watercolor. I’m doing a series of three other plates the latter way and it’s pretty fun. Painting between the lines is amazingly soothing.

So today I hung up a show (see below) and did a little painting to test out my ideas.

I really like painting but don’t seem to get to do much of it. I love the way it contrasts with the bold lines of the print. I have another test print, which I will probably scan and mess with in Photoshop to decide if I like the soft ground idea better. In the mean time the plate has some scratches that are holding ink, so I still have a little more buffing to do.


About the show! My friend Jana (who is also my lovely and talented wedding photographer) arranges for artists to show work in her church’s community center and called me up to see if I’d like to hang some prints. God only knows where the things I did have framed have gone, so I found myself up late last night framing new things. Bloody framing, man. Glass, you’re a streaky jerk. Anyway, I got everything ready and met her there this morning and we got everything hung up. It looks really awesome! We were afraid my labels might take the paint off the wall so she advised me to get clear packing labels. I picked some up at Office Depot (along with a slew of other useful goodies, that place is an absolute trap!) and am really glad, they looked super posh once I reprinted them and went back to stick them up.

Unfortunately my photos were all crap, so you’ll just have to trust me on that. They’ll be up for about two months. If you’re around State College, stop by! It’s the Christ Community Church; it’s a really nice building, there’s a gym and cafe and also a daycare facility that, coincidentally, Jarod’s coworker’s son goes to! That made me happy.


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