Busy much

If you look over to the right in the sidebar you can see I’ve added info for the shows I’m doing in December. I’m still waiting to hear back from one more, which will bring me up to four shows in the first two weeks. Yikes!

So I am hard at work. In September I moved into a new studio space, which has been so hugely helpful that I can barely believe it. I approached my dad earlier this year about renovating a room in one of his barns (we have an old farm with lots of barns and outbuildings) but with the greenhouse being so busy the project got pushed back til August. But I’m in now, and I have lots of room, and there are no cat hairs in my ink. *cries with joy*

Though I did make the mistake of collecting a bunch of acorns for a still life. Mice like acorns.

Messy work area for beveling plates, putting on grounds, working with solvents and chemicals... Fan in the window for ventilation. Plants. Skulls. Awesome!
Big sheets of glass for inking up plates. I put up shelves towards the top of the window and loaded it up with glass I've collected. The light shines through behind it and it is very pretty. ♥
Dad found this flat file up at Salvage a while ago. I painted it turquoise. :D
And last but not least, my baby!

More pics later, I’m tired. I pulled at least a dozen good prints today and finished etching a new plate, and will be back at it tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Busy much

    1. Thanks! It really does feel nice to have room to work. And unlike college, I don’t have to share it with anyone, or bundle all my stuff back into a tiny locker when I’m done for the day!

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