Bellefonte Arts & Crafts Fair 2011

Recovering from the fair this weekend. :) Here are some photos! I was really stoked about my display this time. I’ll still be tweaking some minor details before the next show, but overall I was happy. The display received a lot of compliments on color scheme and being so open and inviting, which was thrilling.

Facing into the tent, the left and back sides
Left side of display. I had a couple people ask about the frames-- they're poster frames I got at Michaels. Since the art is right under the plexi it doesn't have any sort of long-term integrity, but for a big bold splash of color on my walls it was perfect. The frames are lightweight, and the edges just snap on and off so they're very easy to put together.
My super cool trunk. So the story of how I came up with the new display: Jarod and I were out shopping and I found all these matching plates and bowls that were on sale. And I thought, 'Hmm. Turquoise. That's bright and cheerful, which might be nice.' So I bought them. A few days later we were out again and chanced upon a garage sale, where I found the trunk. It was already painted turquoise, and I thought, 'Oh sweet that would make a great prop, maybe I could put prints in it!' And then I repainted it anyway to match the bowls (also, it hadn't been painted very well).
Right side of booth. Note the totally awesome lovebird mirror towards the right. I think I'm going to paint some part of it turquoise to help it stand out from the lattice.
So can you believe that someone tried to buy my flower arrangements? This lady walked into the booth and went straight for the flowers; picked them up, looked at them, and asked me how much they were. I told her they weren't for sale. Cue loud sighing. I told her I got them at Joann's. Blank look. Joann Fabrics. Blank look. More sighing. Then her friend came in, so she said to her, "Oh, look at these. She is so talented. I could never make flower arrangements like this." "It's a gift." I guess...
More angles! A blogging photo staple.
I used to have my jewelry in little boxes, which was a pain. So I designed cards to match the turquoise scheme and put the necklaces in cello bags.
I took new plates to work on both days, which was nice because then I could explain the process to people (and stay busy when business was slow). On Saturday I brought the completed cicada plate so that everyone could see how the plate looked after being etched, and to explain the difference in how I work with copper versus steel. I only had three different etchings because my new ones didn't dry in time, but I matted everything and it was nice. My plates are weird sizes, so providing standard size mats makes them easy to frame right away. I opted not to mat the digital prints-- they're standard sizes and the colors are stronger, so I feel like it's a waste to provide a plain white mat if someone would rather get something colorful or try to match something they already have at home.
In-progress copper plate
The cards still aren't dry, but I was determined to have it there come hell or high water!
It rained Friday afternoon. It was pretty miserable. I got lucky, my booth was under some trees and was very sheltered (also cool and shady when it got hot on Saturday). Part of the park was more of an open field area, and two tents blew over! Mom had the brilliant idea of hanging up a clear shower curtain so that any passers-by could still see in without my prints getting wet. All the other vendors thought it was the best thing ever! It was, but eventually it got windy and we had to zip the tent closed.
A peek outside the tent just after it started sprinkling.

And not a single duck photo! D: Overall I think it was a good show. I got good feedback, the display was much better (the show promoter actually stopped in twice to compliment it). A gentleman told me about a store he runs that I can sell artwork in and said he’d have People’s Choice Festival send me an application for next year, and I was invited to apply to the Bellefonte Victorian Christmas show. On the down side there was not a lot of business. I was there for thirteen hours on Friday and sold two necklaces. But it was the first time they’ve held it in the park (which was much better than being on the street) and I think it could get to be quite a good show in the next few years.


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