Last minute show angst

RAAAHHH. Nothing dried this week– I have five beautiful brand new etchings and 84 adorable Gocco cards that aren’t going to the show tomorrow. :( I also ran out of paper for my Epson, but I have enough of everything that I should get by. Also, I signed up for a Square credit card reader and it is defective. It feels like everything is conspiring against me this week!

But I think it will be a nice show. Mom and I went tonight to set up the tent and tables, and we’ll be there at 7 am to finish everything else before the show starts at 10. It’s in Talleyrand Park, which is quite lovely and so full of ducks. (Also, duck poop. Which I put my hand in today accidentally D: ) I will probably have five good booth photos and eighty of the ducks.

I am determined to stay positive. The only one who knows exactly how much I didn’t get done, is me.


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