a little teaser

Just to show you what complete and utter chaos me getting ready for a show looks like. :D

There’s a lot of turquoise. Apparently it’s my new favorite color. (You’ll see, once I take booth photos this weekend)

I’ll save my tale of Gocco woe for another time. The short story is that I finally got it to work, and since it was working I kept printing…

And printing….

And printing……………………..

So I printed until I ran out of room, which coincided nicely with needing to re-ink. I printed 84 cards in one go.

I’m really hoping the show goes well this weekend. I keep hearing that the weather will be bad, which is terrifying because most of what I’m selling is paper. :0


3 thoughts on “a little teaser

  1. those cards are so cute!! so you are selling cards to sell? I love the idea of doing Gocco but I have no idea how or what is needed. did you design the picture you were printing?

  2. ok it’s early and that comment didn’t make sense. what i meant to ask was , are you making the cards to sell? goodness. sorry!

    1. Thank you! :D Haha, it’s early here too. I was so confused because I actually read the question the way you intended, then couldn’t figure out why you’d corrected it. :D

      I am indeed making them to sell. It’s a project that’s been in the works for a few months but has been fraught with disaster. They’ll be making their debut at the craft show this weekend and I’ll have them on Etsy some time after that.

      And yes I did design it. It started out as a little pencil sketch; I tweaked the oval shape in Photoshop and resized it, then printed it out. Then traced it– the Gocco screens need a carbon-based original, so you can use photocopies or draw with special carbon pens.

      I’m going to write a lengthy post about the project, so stay tuned. :3

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