So hot. It’s 102 degrees (F) according to my window thermometer; yesterday at the greenhouse it was 100 in the shade of the break room. With the fans running. Brutal. I am thinking about scarpering off to Greenland for the rest of the summer. I spent this afternoon putting together a new Etsy feature instead of printing.

I’ve been working on new plates, trying out different techniques and ways of working. My big obsession is to get my steel plate polished to the point that I lose a lot of the plate tone, which is turning out to be pretty labor intensive but there are a few things about steel that I prefer to copper, which is why I am not just turning to copper instead.

In addition to the polishing issues I’m still figuring out the best way to use my Akua Intaglio inks– they’re really super and clean-up is so much simpler, but the consistency and tack is much different than oil-based inks. I’m also finding that the heat and humidity affect how they handle, since they’re water-based. I’m also trying to be more deliberate in my plate wiping, because I don’t think I’m doing that properly either. My results are so inconsistent, and since I’m printing so sporadically (damn you, day job) I have trouble telling whether it’s my wiping technique or the ink. Since I’m not as used to working with copper, I can’t tell if I’m not biting it deeply enough, because I keep getting gaps where the ink is missing in my lines.

I want to do a spray paint aquatint on this but am terrified.


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