Whup top

I actually typed “What I’ve been up to” but my keyboard has been very temperamental of late. It’s better this way.

The new herb table! Dad got some rolling tables at auction this winter and it has been so awesome having them. I used to grow on our tables but got nudged out of prime display space, and the past few years the herbs grew on the floor. They hated it. I hated it. So we’re all pretty happy about the table! In case you’re wondering, there are probably about 4,000 pots on that table. This is why I can’t get anything done on Etsy! XD

I have a new-found appreciation for begonias this year. Maybe because I planted most of them? Or maybe because they’re drop-dead gorgeous. We have a new color called ‘Fire’ that is pretty neat:

What else have I been up to? Well, a helluva lot of this:

You’ve no idea. I stopped counting how many dresses I’ve tried on. I’m having some dress commitment issues…


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