bring on the furnitures!

Whenever my life is in turmoil or any state of change, I add to the chaos by rearranging all my furniture. In the past month I have quit my waitressing job to go back to the greenhouse full time, been sick, visited family in New Jersey, totally overloaded my brain with wedding stuff, and as a result moved my entire computer/printer setup out of my bedroom into my “living room” (which can only still be called such by virtue of the fact that in addition to the computer and printer and sewing machine and jewelry supplies and tubs of fabric strewn haphazardly about, my couch and TV are still there), moved a comfy chair and additional bookshelf into my bedroom out of the “living room”, and am painting a dresser that I retrieved from my old bedroom at my dad’s. The dresser and its various scattered drawers take up the half of the room not occupied by the couch and computer, rendering my other work spaces inaccessible.

With my new work schedule I’m working four days instead of five and have my usual Grand Plans of achieving Great Things with that extra twenty four hours. So far it hasn’t worked out that way, but I’m determined to not beat myself up for it… yet. I’m reassessing my work and would like to focus more on fewer projects, instead of spreading myself too thin on too many things that don’t yield results. That’s the downside of being interested in everything. (And have I mentioned all the stuff I want to make myself for the wedding??)

I’m also doodling more, taking full advantage of my lengthier snack and lunch breaks. :)


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