I swear, I am not dead, and I have not been living under a rock. Oh man. But I have been busy. The Winter Craft Market is this weekend (check the sidebar for hours & address), so I have been making tons of stuff. Or trying to make tons of stuff, and being thwarted by the resin not curing. Mostly it’s going well, there have only been a few major setbacks. I got my color issues worked out with the printer, so I’ll have digital prints at the show (and soon on Etsy); there won’t be too many etchings available this because I need to invest in some new ink. There’s– oh hell let me just show you what’s been going on:

CHAOS!!! Not really. I’ve invested a lot of time the past few months in getting organized. I put up a big tall shelf to hold all my organizery whatsits that I have my beads in (labeled! arranged by color!). Ivy likes to sit on top of it. Here, however, you can see her asleep in her favorite chair:

And I do mean organized. I have a serious crush on ArtBin.

Making slider tins from some of my prints.

And all sorts of singed flowers…

Glass print pendants, and more bottlecap pendants!

And even more watercolors for bottlecaps…

I’ve totally revamped my booth– backdrop, display/furniture, color scheme… It’s a lot lighter and brighter than last year, and should be plenty more spacious to boot. I found awesome lovebird mirrors to hang on the wall.

So the resin thing… Ages ago, I sang the praises of EasyCast and turned up my nose at ICE. After this week, EasyCast is on my black list. I have had so much trouble. Every batch turned out tacky. Luckily, the ICE has worked a treat, even if it does still have a stronger smell. I warmed it more beforehand in a hot water bath and breathed on the coated pieces til I was lightheaded to pop the bubbles, and everything is perfect. I have one more batch to do tonight (re-re-coating a few things that I gave a second chance with EasyCast) and then I am done. Back to work!


2 thoughts on “woo!

  1. Resin, eh? I’ve been thinking about resin. Is it relatively easy to learn how to use?
    Those round pendants are lovely. I don’t have the guts to cut curved edges!

    1. I think it’s relatively easy as long as you mix it well and in the right proportions. For epoxy resin it’s usually a 1:1 mix of resin and hardener.

      I did read that if you add too much hardener it will actually set softer. So I add a few extra drops of the resin once I have the two measured out equally.

      Here’s a very comprehensive thread about everything resin, via Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6278994

      Tooootally cheated with the rounds. I got a 1-inch circle punch, and it works perfectly. For the tins, on the other hand, I have to hand-cut all the corners. I print out extras of everything because some always get botched.

      When I was in high school I took a drafting class, and they taught us that when you draw a line it will be more smooth and accurate if you look ahead of where you’re drawing, because then your hand follows your eye. I try to do that when I’m cutting, instead of focusing right where the scissors are, and it really helps.

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