Hello! I’ve been quiet lately, but part of that is because my mother and I spent the last week in New Mexico. We got back last night, and I was given today off to recuperate before going back to work tomorrow. :)

So. It was great! We flew into Albuquerque, visited Petroglyph National Monument & the University of New Mexico, then drove up to Santa Fe. We checked out Cerillos and Madrid as well as Santa Fe, then headed back down to Albuquerque. On our last day there we went to the Aquarium & Botanic Garden, which was just fab. I have about 500 pictures.

It was a very motivating trip. We checked out all sorts of galleries and I found some really great artists, we visited Tamarind, and UNM’s printmaking department and faculty were just awesome. More about them later!

But I’m especially keen now to get organized, and to get printing. UNM gave me a great packet with tips on letter-writing and portfolio-building, so I feel like I have some direction now. Something tangible to work towards. It’s the most positive I’ve felt about my work in ages, and I want to take advantage of the high. :D

I’ll post some photos when I get them all uploaded.

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