I found two sites with really great, affordable prints and wanted to share. :)

I browsed through every page on inPRNT the other night and couldn’t believe the selection; there are artists I recognize from other websites and blogs and from the Spectrum books, and the work is so diverse. Every time I find something I like or find inspiring on the interwebs I save it to my hard drive so I can peruse it later, and I noticed that I gravitated a lot towards work combining orange and turquoise/green. It’s funny because orange is my least favorite color, but it’s such a nice combination that I’ll have to try to apply it to something soon. I love going back through that folder and looking at trends in my own interest, and figuring out what it is about those things that attracted me or works so well. But I digress.

The other site is called 20×200, and while I haven’t looked at much yet I really like the idea. They release two editions each week (one 2D/paper work, one photo) of 200 prints each, with 8.5×11″ prints being $20. It’s a nice mix of photography and everything else, since it’s split between the two. There are also artist statements, which is always educational and sometimes entertaining.


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