Etsy finds: Rainy Days

I love rainy days. Well. Three out of the four months that I lived in Wellington it rained, and I didn’t love it so much then. But as strange as it might sound, their rain was totally different (and it was cold to boot). I love the rainy days we’ve had lately– somewhere between just-warm-enough and deliciously cool (perfect for curling up in a light sweater with a good book and a cup of tea), and with none of that fine misty drizzle that infiltrates every seam of your clothing in five seconds flat (yes, Wellington, I speak of you). Nice big gentle raindrops. I love the quiet that accompanies an overcast day, and the mist rolling down the mountains.

Rain Drops Pencilcase by pocketcarnival
Rainbow Drops Notepad by InklingPaper
Red Parasol porcelain necklace by sweetmud
Rain Cloud Necklace by DoughLadyDesigns
Teeny Rainy Day Studs by Joannarutter
Umbrellas in the Rain print by Kecky
Turquoise Rain Necklace by WickedlyGood
Rainy Day Letterpress Card by Letterpress Delicacies
Cloudy... with some silver rain by pilli pilli
Raindrop studs by MiniCyn
Drops of Jupiter print by lisachow
Raindrop Hoops by ToniDesigns
Cloud dangle earrings by finestimaginary
Raincloud 2 painting by Gabrielle Rose of drawgabbydraw
Into Every Life Some Rain Must Fall necklace by blockpartypress
Flood III by GollyBard
Hold On Mr. Squirrel by hushmouse
Rain Cloud Brooch by bakerswife
Storm Catcher by TheBarberShop
Storming by AfterMidnightDesigns

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