I was so absolutely exhausted last night that I slept with ear plugs in. I had one day off last week (filled in two extra shifts; one girl’s grandpa died, and another quit mid-shift), and yesterday’s lunch was especially brutal on my psyche. Ivy woke me up once in the middle of the night when her food bowl reached a critically low point. I rattled it around and told her she still had enough, plus that there was more upstairs, stuffed my ear plugs back in and crawled back into my nest. Just got up a little while ago.

Fact: Ivy will push heavy objects off shelves in order to make me get up.

Fact: The sound of shattering ceramic will permeate ear plugs at a range of ten feet.

(So would the voice of one of my roommates sophomore year, through two doors, down ten feet of hallway , and a few more feet into her room. But that’s another story..)


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