animation goodness

I found a neat blog tonight called Pencil Test Depot; I don’t know anything about animation other than that in my next life I will do it, but apparently pencil tests are preliminary type whatsits and as someone with a mad love affair for pencil and graphitey texture I am fascinated. I have so much respect for the time that goes into the process as well. There’s something so lively and vibrant about the clips. So go check it out!

…More book drama today. Mom and I spent the evening leafing through every page of every book that she currently has, looking for printing errors after I flipped open one book to a page that had a huge magenta stripe running down the middle. Out of a hundred books there were nine with streaks and one with blank unprinted pages in the middle of a chapter. (Not extra pages, just unprinted. So basically the pages are missing.) I feel so sorry for her. I’m also trying not to be bitter about how the colors turned out; it is a lovely book and she put so much work into it, but as the person who photographed/scanned and then corrected/edited nearly every image in the book (700+), I find it bothersome that the colors are not “right”. They’re much darker in print, and look so much better on-screen and in the copies Mom printed on her dinky little printer. I guess it’s one of those things that only we will notice just because we’ve been so involved. :/

Looking forward to a busy lunch shift tomorrow (yay Fridays!) and then driving up to NY with Jarod for his cousin’s wedding on Saturday. Hurrah family time!! :D


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