“The monkeys aren’t working! We’re formulating another plan!”

So the show went okay. I thought my booth looked really nice; I set up with all different furniture in a smaller space and was pleased with how things worked out. It was rather slow, but I sold a few things and bought the raddest pair of earrings. Dude, you have no idea. They are made from Barrel of Monkeys (which is a game I’ve never understood, possibly because I’ve never played. My only experience with them is that they’re in Toy Story). I had to have them as the perfect addition to my green work polo.

Today I bought a giant chunky blue plastic bead necklace to match. I feel like hot stuff with my monkeys. You’ve no idea…

(I wish I’d asked her name/if she was on Etsy. But I didn’t. Other people on Etsy have them, but since they are not her I will leave it up to you to do any searching…)

In other news my mother’s book is a giant fiasco and it’s just not going well. She ordered 500 copies which were supposed to be done over 6 weeks ago, and she currently has a little over 100. When she drives to the publisher on Friday she will have 200, and she’s leaving Sunday for the Christmas convention that was her specific audience for marketing the book. The newest development is that the dust jackets are… defective. They started off flat and perfect, but all of her copies are now rumpled and wrinkled– including ones she’s already sold. I own a hell of a lot of books, and I’ve never seen a jacket like this. The publisher is refusing to reprint them and is insisting that they try shrink-wrapping them (which will keep them looking nice only until people take them out of the packaging…) ; they’ve also refused to send us the working file of the dust jacket so that Mom can have them printed again at a local printer. It’s kind of a crock, since I designed the original template to start with and the gal at the publisher just had to plug the pictures in (which she didn’t even do properly; there are black bands at the edges of the photos where they were re-sized, as the photos didn’t have “true” black backgrounds!). So tonight I redesigned it from scratch. The right way.

Sometimes I wish I could get paid to do lousy incompetent work. But then I think, I’d much rather get paid to do things right the first time.


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