It pays to have a sense of humor. And weird stuffed animals.

Before I graduated my mom wanted to make graduation announcements, and she asked me and Jarod to take a picture of me working in the studio. We took a bunch of me looking very refined and intent on my labors, and then we took this one, which is by far my favorite:

Give us more coffee!!

I love that thing. At Alfred there was a club called Pet Pals that would raise money for local shelters by selling used stuffed animals; we used to always stop by and find the most outrageous things ever. This was one. I can only guess that he is supposed to be some sort of bizarre technicolor Gila monster or something. He hung out in my print space for the rest of the semester, silently judging me when I forgot to water my plants. Or sleep. Both things happened a lot…. Despite the judging, and the guilt, and the sleep deprivation, we have maintained a very strong relationship and he now resides on my dresser with the other stuffies (who now all judge my lack of sleeping).

(Needless to say, Mom did not include a photo of her little printmaker in whatever announcements she did send.)


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