Here’s how my last (and only third…) meeting with my printmaking advisor went this spring:

her:  So have you thought about burnishing these areas to make them more white?
me:  ….You can do that with steel??
her:  And how are you polishing your plates before you ground them?
me:  Umm. I’m not?
her:  Yeah, just use some fine sandpaper.
me:  (My surface tones/whites could actually be whiter? WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THIS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SEMESTER?? I showed you prints then!)
her:  I have nothing to say about your work other than it’s nice. I hate bugs. Have a nice summer!
me:  ;_;

So tonight I was thinking about it and also sanding/stripping paint off an awesome old clawfoot stool, so I used some 400 wet/dry and HOLY CRAPPOLA! Shiny, in ways I never knew steel plate could be. Ohhh so smooth. I’m going to get some finer paper and make it even shinier. I long to ink it up and test it. Alas for lacking a press and acid and all that glorious stuff.

Have you ever had a revelation like that that totally changed your perception of what you could accomplish with a certain media?


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