It’s coming…..

…another Etsy Finds post… What will it be this time??

Answer: Colorful! And sweet. Perfect for summer.

Excited? I am!

(My eeeeyes. I’ve been on Etsy browsing all evening. I took the evening to chill and not do anything terribly constructive; I’m getting out of work early all week because I am going to work a double shift on Saturday (which I normally have off), and I’m looking forward to getting my workspace tidied up, maybe a batch of resin done, craft show applications complete… And sleep. God do I need some more sleep.)


2 thoughts on “It’s coming…..

  1. ….Hurghhh. 2 am, I just couldn’t stop browsing. It’s all or nothing with me, really.

    Anyway. All choices made, just have to contact all artists and upload pictures. Get ready for thirty delicious items!

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