Alive and kicking

This is Beryl. Or rather, Beryl’s sparkling white underbelly. And also Hedwig, who I found in a parking garage in Baltimore five or six years ago and has been Beryl’s favoritest thing ever since.

(Oh, someday I’ll have prints…. My creative endeavors for the week included drawing a map of the new restaurant so that we could all very quickly identify what tables are in which section, and making name buttons to keep our orders separate. I knew the art degree would come in handy!! I also designed postcards for Mom so that she can tout her new book on antique Christmas, which went into print yesterday. I’m sure I’ll talk about that later, I’ve spent huge chunks of the last two and a half years photographing and editing all 700+ of the ornaments and illustrations in the book.  -_-

And then tonight I came home from work and went straight into the garden, where I weeded and pruned and put in fresh dirt til 9 tonight. Whew! I am dirty but accomplished.)


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