Wednesday already??

I have been settling into my new job, and I’m happy to say I love it so far! I’m manning the counter at a local pizza shop, and today got to do a little waitressing as well. I enjoyed it, which surprised me– I don’t consider myself the greatest people person (super quiet and shy), and was afraid I wouldn’t be personable enough to be a good waitress. Still working on it, but it went better than I expected! I’m a fast learner, which has been a godsend with memorizing what to ask/where things are on the computerized ordering system. I have an all-new appreciation for how to order food over the phone now.

We moved here to Pennsylvania from New Jersey when I was five, and I’ve eaten at this place ever since. Yesterday was our first day in the new restaurant– they moved right next door, but the new space is several times larger. More tables, bigger kitchen, way less cramped behind the counter… and the decor is beautiful. It is exciting to work somewhere so pretty! I’m even kind of fond of the uniform, the psychology is pretty fun (although I’m trying to decide if a drawstring in my shirt hem could save me from having to tuck it in, blech).

Wearing my hair back is something of a drawback; I look young anyway, and the age guesses from my coworkers have ranged from a high of 20 to a low of 16. And one girl asked where I lived, then if I was home schooled because she didn’t recognize me from the high school. I told her I was out of college and left it at that! (Still better than my new eye doctor, who insisted I must be 14. Really, I am not 14. Really.)

I’m 23, if I haven’t mentioned before. :)

Picked up my framed prints from Webster’s tonight, and got mailers. Yay! Prints will be available very soon, I just need to do some more color proofing and get a shipping price set. I’m also juggling the 10-4 weekday shift and the greenhouse, so I shan’t even hazard a guess of when things will be ready. Soon, all I can say is soon. Real life is getting in the way of my art life…


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