At least it’s raining out, which makes it less bright

It is 7 am. At 6:30, several things happened at about the same time:

  • I woke up from a very involved dream where I was at the pizza shop and the cooks were making some sort of mouse fritter dish, and the mice kept squeaking as they were tossed into the blender.
  • I woke up with the sort of stiff neck that always later evolves into a nasty and hard-to-shake migraine…
  • …to the sounds of actual squeaking, and Ivy leaping and pacing back and forth in front of my dresser, because underneath it and behind my sweater box she’d trapped a mouse.

After ten minutes of determination and teamwork we successfully concluded our second catch-and-release:

As I staggered down the hall to find the box I’ve been reserving for this very purpose (one of the flaps is curved, so closing the other three leaves a gap for the mouse to bolt into and only one flap to close quickly), it occurred to me that I might not be in proper shape to drive to Alfred later today for Senior Shows.

I’m congested from the rain, and even after slathering my neck in BioFreeze I can still feel it creeping upwards into a headache. Also I would be going alone, driving all the way back tomorrow, and I can think of lots of things around the house that I’d like to do, which is a surprisingly strong motivation because I haven’t been home much this week and being domestic makes me feel more grounded and sane. I only got a few hours of sleep, so I plan to ride out my little burst of mouse-induced energy and head back to bed, then go from there. I feel bad, because a few of my friends are having their shows and I said I’d be there. Although to be fair, so will twenty million other people, and I’m sure they’re so sleep-deprived at this point that they won’t notice! Been there, done that….

So Megan and Jane, if you happen to read this, I love you dearly but the universe has thrown a wrench mouse in my plans.


4 thoughts on “At least it’s raining out, which makes it less bright

  1. Ill Forgive you! Migraines can definitely ground all possible plans, one successfully wiped me out on my birthday.
    as for your mouse story, I cant stop laughing about it, and Im glad you were able to save him

  2. My show was great, I cant believe its over.I just posted some photos of it on my blog.
    I kind of don’t know what happens next, Its really surreal that its over

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