NLT returns!

Some news:

Pro: My bags and backing boards came to put prints in!

Con: I won’t have prints on Etsy til some time next week because I started a new dayjob today, will be working tomorrow, have to go to the greenhouse to rearrange my herb display for ultra-busy Mother’s Day weekend and go get all my stuff out of the studio AND possibly stop by Webster’s tomorrow, and on Saturday I’ll be heading up to Alfred to peruse ye grande olde Senior Shows, and will be heading back some time on Sunday. whew…

Pro: Ivy smells of fresh mint.

Con: She smells that way because she ran through the mint patch; I opened the door just now to shake out a rug and she escaped. There was serious Ivy-wrangling going on (i.e. me standing on the deck, in the dark, bawling my eyes out as she hid under the deck, until she got freaked out by the horrific noises I was making and bolted back to the door). She’s grounded– no more walkies, and probably no treats for a few days. I told her as much and now she’s trying to make it up to me by being affectionate and licking my nose.


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