I call him Tetsuo Iron Man

Mom and I went antiquing yesterday. It was loads of fun– I found a bunch of really nice chains, which will promptly be used in the next batch of necklaces I’m putting together. Also found the coolest lacy slip skirt. And…. this gent.

I don’t think this surreptitiously taken photo does him justice. In case you can’t tell, his torso and arms are silver, and he’s wearing a metallic pink fishnet shirt. His hair feels like it’s full of forty years of product (but at least he has hair; stick that in your eye, Ken!). Forty years! The trademark on his backside says he’s been stylin’ those shiny pants since 1975. Who says disco’s dead?

The first thing I thought of when I saw him was The Silver Metal Lover.

Mom had a ball making him do handstands, but his pants would not cooperate in doing a split. Pity. I buried him in the bin of other traumatizing pre-loved dolls and went back to rooting through My Little Ponies.


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