As if I needed another hobby

I taught myself to make flowers by singeing fabric. It’s pretty rad– if you hold the edge of the fabric over the hot air above a candle flame, it will start to curl and warp. Layer a bunch of pieces, et voila!

It really drove home a point my professor made in Intro to Glassblowing, which is that you should always wear natural fibers when glassblowing. Natural fibers burn, man-made fibers are plastic-based and will melt to your flesh without catching fire first. So polyester works really well for this. I almost melted a piece onto my thumb.

And it’s yet another hobby where I’m exposing myself to unhealthy fumes. Acid/hard ground/paint thinner? Check. Epoxy resin? Check. Melting plastic? Check!


3 thoughts on “As if I needed another hobby

    1. It’s funny, I just had this discussion with my mom about headbands. :) I think they’re adorable and it would be fun to make some, but every one that I’ve ever worn has given me a headache. Is there a certain brand you recommend, or do the metal ones work well because they’re bendable?

  1. the metal ones hurt more than the plastic, I think. if you’re lucky enough to find the 80’s style, wide, squishy material and plastic ones I think they would work the best! maybe walmart or target?
    good luck :)

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