Bento. They rule. Also, Alfred!!!

After I got to the studio on Friday, I realized I’d forgotten to pack a spoon or fork or anything resembling an eating utensil. I thought about using pencils as chopsticks, but my ruler was cleaner. Luckily the rice was sticky, and everything else was cut into squares. Except the cauliflower, that was tricky. Sigh.

It was Blue & White Weekend at Penn State, which made the drive into town even longer and more traumatic than usual. On the upside, while I was stuck in traffic I saw a guy with a pompadour. I only had time to pull four prints, but I was relieved to find that my blotchy prints were no longer blotchy after they dried, and the ones I pulled that afternoon looked fine too. Weird.

Jarod and I skipped town that evening and drove up to Alfred. It was an amazing weekend; we saw lots of friends, ate fried dough (Jarod got covered in powdered sugar) and hot dogs, hung out and played several rather tragic games of pool in the campus center’s new game room, got Chinese food at Panda (damn, they still make the best shrimp and broccoli!), and went to mass at St. Jude’s (which made me tear up as much as being in the art building). I was worried that town would seem completely different– last fall there was a fire on main street which destroyed several businesses and apartments. It was different, but it’s good to see that those businesses have relocated to other buildings and will hopefully keep going strong.

To me, it didn’t feel like I’d never left; it felt like coming home. It was so comfortable and natural being there. I didn’t want to leave. I can’t wait to go back for senior shows.

Even if it does mean I will miss Neko Case’s concert in State College!!! Trivia: Did you know she has a BFA?


One thought on “Bento. They rule. Also, Alfred!!!

  1. And the show is canceled! I think I had the date wrong anyway. I prefer to think that the universe felt bad about me missing my favoritest singer, and I hope that it gets re-scheduled for a later date. Snap.

    On Wednesday I’ll be seeing Echo & the Bunnymen, that should be cool.

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