OH WAIT there’s more!

I made a new plush today! Back in college I made up a pattern for a kitty cat but have since lost it, so I made a new one today.

My patterns usually involve a lot of scribbling. A lot. Especially when there’s tails involved! This needs some adjustment; the seam allowances make the back end kinda funny on the finished kitty, so I might re-do it and go with smaller seams.

Today I learned how to lower my machine’s feed dogs! But it was all to no avail. Maybe it’s more for embroidery?

Inside out beast!! I had this fun idea that I could make all different plush, and sell them like this. You’d have to turn it right side out and stuff it yourself, and sew it up. (Why? Because that’s my least favorite part.) It would be so exciting to see it right-side-out for the first time! Like a blind box. Those perplex me.

I call her Ivy Olive!

Here she is with the first one I made (which is slightly bigger and lacks the awesome face patch, but makes up for the latter with cool leopard stylin’).

So that’s exciting! I liked using fleece on the face (doesn’t fray, unlike the flannel). I have more of the pink leopard print, a white/purple zebra print, holly leaves and berries, and then everything else is solid colors. I have so much fabric to use up…

Off to bed! I’m going to get up, pack that bento full of deliciousness, and head to the studio. Then to Alfred!! I am so happy and excited. See you all next week!


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